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Focus on FedRAMP

Focus on FedRAMP

At FedRAMP we’re constantly engaging with those around us to hear what’s going on and what’s on people’s minds. However, we haven’t always been the best at sharing what’s going on in the FedRAMP world or what’s on our mind outside of our individual conversations with stakeholders. But today we’re launching Focus on FedRAMP, a blog where we’re going to share more about the things we’re working on, the things we’re developing, and the things we see coming up in the future.

There’s a lot we do at FedRAMP we want to share with you. Transparency and collaboration will be at the heart of Focus on FedRAMP.

  • Ever wondered when we’re going to be releasing updated templates and want to know easily what the changes were? We’ll share updates and detail changes here.
  • Hearing concerns about how agencies are using or not using FedRAMP? We’ll do mythbusting and clarify how to use FedRAMP here.
  • Are you wondering how to get started with FedRAMP or what the process looks like? We’ll provide real life examples and stories of FedRAMP success here.
  • Want to be a part of the conversation as we iterate FedRAMP to make it more efficient and transparent? We’ll begin conversations around topics like a streamlined Continuous Monitoring or prioritization for the Joint Authorization Board here.

This blog will give us a space to share the latest and greatest information as it happens. We know that transparency and collaboration is the only way to truly meet all of your needs, and Focus on FedRAMP is designed with that in mind. Our goal is to post articles at least twice a week , so bookmark this page and check back frequently! Our next entry will detail the release of our new marketplace dashboard , all of the features you asked for and ways you can interact with it. Stay tuned!