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ACT-IAC Call to Action

ACT-IAC Call to Action

This is your chance to have your voice heard!

This is your chance to have your voice heard! The FedRAMP PMO needs volunteers to participate in developing the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) prioritization criteria as part of the FedRAMP Accelerated program. The PMO is partnering ACT-IAC to establish the benchmarks for the new JAB process, and you can be a part of developing the new criteria.

The JAB prioritization workstream will kick off on Wednesday, July 29th, culminating in a solidified document on Monday, July 25th. The workstream webinar will begin at 2 pm ET. Ashley Mahan, FedRAMP Evangelist, and Eric Adams, industry POC, will lead the sessions. ACT-IAC members should register here and non-members should register here.

In March 2016, the FedRAMP PMO unveiled the Accelerated program, a means to a faster, more transparent JAB authorization. In the Accelerated process, the JAB will prioritize and select the cloud systems it wishes to evaluate.

As a part of this process, FedRAMP is looking for your ideas on how the best way the JAB can prioritize vendors , from self-scoring evaluations, to shark-tank style pitches, to verified government-wide use , FedRAMP is truly looking for the all of the best options to present to the Joint Authorization Board for the fairest and most transparent way to prioritize CSPs

Any member of the federal government (employee and contractor), cloud service provider, industry, or others interested in the JAB prioritization criteria are invited to join these session. If you are interested in joining the JAB prioritization workstream, email with the subject line “JAB Prioritization Workstream.” Please include your organization and contact information in the email.