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FedRAMP Connect Business Cases Due April 12th

April 8 | 2019

FedRAMP Connect Business Cases Due April 12th

Reminder to all Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) that the next due date for Business Case submissions for prioritization by the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) with our FedRAMP Connect process is Friday, April 12th!

You can find all of the details, requirements, and tips for success in our JAB Prioritization Criteria and Guidance document. A successful submission should include at least two required components and one optional component:

1) JAB Prioritization Information Form - This simple, clickable PDF provides the PMO with basic information about your Cloud Service Offering (CSO) and a brief service description to help evaluators understand the value of your CSO to the Federal Government.

2) Proof of Demand Worksheet - Demand is the only “go/no-go” criteria for JAB prioritization. In order to accurately evaluate current and potential demand, the FedRAMP PMO requires proof of demand through contact information, periods of performance, contract numbers, etc.

3) Demand Verification Letters/Emails (Optional) - CSPs can submit PDFs of letters from agencies or have agency representatives email sharing their interest in a CSP’s product service.

If you have any questions about completing a successful Business Case submission, please feel free to reach out to We’re also happy to conduct coaching calls with any interested CSPs.

We look forward to reviewing your Business Case submission soon!

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