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FedRAMP Connect, We’re Now Accepting Business Cases for the Second Round of JAB Prioritization!

FedRAMP Connect, We’re Now Accepting Business Cases for the Second Round of JAB Prioritization!

We are now accepting Business Case submissions for the next round of prioritization by the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) with our FedRAMP Connect process!

We’ve made some changes to the prioritization process and the FedRAMP Business Case based on feedback we’ve received from Cloud Services Providers (CSPs), JAB representatives, and agencies since redesigning the JAB Prioritization Criteria and Process and hosting our first FedRAMP Connect event. You can find the details of these changes and tips for success in our new JAB Prioritization Guidance document now posted on our website. The biggest changes are highlighted below.

The FedRAMP Business Case: Vendors will now need to fill out a simple web form with basic information about the Cloud Service Offering (CSO) and necessary information to evaluate the preferred characteristics in the JAB P-ATO Prioritization Criteria.

Supplemental Attachments: Throughout the Business Case Form, vendors will be prompted to provide attachments to address the following requirements:

  • Service Description: This attachment should provide evaluators with an understanding of the value of your CSO to the federal government.

  • Certification Verification: The FedRAMP PMO requires that you submit proof of any awards or certifications that your company or offering has received.

Evaluation of Current and Potential Demand: To more accurately evaluate current and potential demand, the FedRAMP PMO is requiring confirmation from Agencies of their demand for a vendor’s service. We have developed sample Demand Verification letters (see Appendix of JAB Prioritization Criteria and Guidance Document) that CSPs are welcome to use, but any proof of demand will be accepted. We’re looking for demand confirmation from three types of customers:

  • Current customers of the CSO you are proposing

  • Current federal customers using the on premise version of the CSO

  • Potential agency customers that are actively interested in using your CSO

FedRAMP Business Cases and all the accompanying attachments are due August 25th by 5:00pm ET.

Here’s what you can expect over the next few months:

  • Webinar to review the new resources and answer any questions vendors may have about the changes to the process

  • FedRAMP will be available for one-on-one calls to provide guidance on the FedRAMP Business Case before it is due

  • More information about the down-select process and our work with the JAB and CIO Council

  • The next FedRAMP Connect event is targeted for October 2017

We look forward to working with all of you in the coming months!