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FedRAMP November 2015 PMO Newsletter

New Compliant CSPs!

The FedRAMP PMO is excited to announce a new FedRAMP Compliant cloud system!

 Project Hosts logo Project Hosts received an Agency Authorization from the U.S. Patent and Trade Office (UPTO) within the Department of Commerce (DOC) on October 9, 2015.Federal Private Cloud for SharePoint / Project Server / CRM (FPC) provides rapid deployment and managed hosting of Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Project Server, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications, leveraging the Windows Azure public cloud solution.

FedRamp now has 21 FedRAMP Compliant CSP systems! A complete list of all FedRAMP Compliant CSPs can be viewed here.

“FedRAMP and the new draft FedRAMP-TIC overlay guidance are positive steps toward establishing trust in the cloud’s ability to meet security requirements.”~ “Government Should Embrace Convergence,” *FedTech* </td> </tr> </table> ### The Value of Quality Management Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) who incorporate Quality Management into their authorization package development projects will realize a return on their investment throughout the FedRAMP Review and Approve (R&A) process. Quality documentation is clear, concise, consistent, and complete. Quality documentation minimizes costly rework and time consuming delays caused by clarifying misunderstandings and waiting for missing documentation. FedRAMP requires quality documentation to provide a clear and complete description of the risk posture of a cloud system and reduce an agency’s level of effort to reuse an authorization package. [Read the whole story.]( ### FedRAMP 3PAOs Expected to be A2LA Accredited by Year End combined_logos_update Since March 2014, [American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA)]( has been working diligently to transfer all FedRAMP Third Party Accredited Organizations (3PAOs) to the new recognition process, which starts with accreditation by A2LA to the international standard ISO/IEC 17020. The standard is written specifically for the accreditation of inspection bodies, such as 3PAOs. A2LA is a nonprofit accreditation body, with over 30 years of experience accrediting to ISO standards. [Read the whole story.]( ### Reminder: Revision 4 Transition Coming Soon Please be advised, beginning January 1, 2016, the FedRAMP PMO will only accept  materials aligned to the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) [Revision 4]( standards. Any Revision 3 documentation submitted to the PMO after that time will not be accepted. [Read the whole story.]( ### FedRAMP in the News: * [FedRAMP: Understand your data before you move to cloud]( (FedScoop) * [Government should embrace convergence]( (FedTech) * [Ramping up FedRAMP]( (Carahoft) * [CSC platform as a service cloud offering achieves FedRAMP certification]( (MarketWatch) * [FedRAMP’s new evangelist preaches ‘One Team, One Dream’]( (Federal Times) * [FedRAMP and the future of public-sector cloud security]( (WJLA) * [CSC obtains FedRAMP certification for PaaS offering]( (ExecutiveBiz) * [Ashley Maha named FedRAMP Agency Evangelist]( (ExecutiveGov) * [Project Hosts Federal private cloud receives ATO from Department of Commerce, US Patent and Trade Office]( (Yahoo Finance) * [DoD looks to outsource management of its mobile devices]( (Federal News Radio) * [Aiming to the ‘chief enabler’ of all government services]( (GC) * [Cloud migration best practices for federal agencies]( (Nextgov)

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