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FedRAMP Reaches 100 Authorizations

May 1 | 2018

FedRAMP Reaches 100 Authorizations

We could not be more excited to announce that we just reached a huge milestone - 100 Cloud Service Provider (CSP) authorizations!

This incredible accomplishment can be attributed to the hard work of both the FedRAMP PMO team and our industry and Agency partners. This is certainly something to be proud of and calls for a celebration!

In light of reaching 100 authorizations, we wanted to share a little about the types of services authorized over the years.

In the 5 years since FedRAMP’s inception in 2012, we have authorized:

  • 14 IaaS solutions
  • 8 IaaS/PaaS solutions
  • 2 IaaS / SaaS solutions
  • 1 IaaS / PaaS / SaaS solutions
  • 9 PaaS solutions
  • 7 PaaS / SaaS solutions, and
  • 59 SaaS solutions

Furthermore, nearly ⅔ of our authorizations have been sponsored by our Agency partners - totaling 68. The remaining 32 were authorized by the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) as Provisional-ATOs to be leveraged across government

What does this mean for the American public?

Well, it means that we’ve avoided nearly $243 million in costs, simply from the reuse of FedRAMP ATOs. That $243 million in costs avoided includes time saved for Federal Agencies and employees alike. It also means that that $243 million was instead spent delivering on various federal missions that serve the American taxpayer. In addition, we’ve ensured that 100 cloud services are securely protecting federal information.

Now, our vendors have over 5 million assets available for Federal Agencies to use - which cover ⅓ of the world’s internet traffic - making not only the US Government’s use of cloud more secure, but also that of private citizens and the commercial sector as well.

And guess what? We’re just getting started! We’ve enabled almost 50 reuses in 2018 alone. At this rapid pace, we know this is just the beginning of our story!

Looking to the Next 100 Authorizations

In our first 100 authorizations, we established a core market of secure IaaS and PaaS solutions. As the FedRAMP Marketplace has matured, our partners have leveraged solutions and promoted the adoption and authorization of SaaS solutions. Looking to the next 100 authorizations, we are committed to growing the market for secure SaaS solutions, starting with the launch of our FedRAMP Tailored baseline - our new approach to authorizing low-impact SaaS.

Thank You!

We are so excited to share this with you. We would like to thank our many partners in government and industry for being a part of journey.

We look forward to the next 100 authorizations and further successes.

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