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FedRAMP Tailored , Webinar and Comment-a-thon

FedRAMP Tailored , Webinar and Comment-a-thon

Over the past month we have been gathering your suggestions and feedback on FedRAMP Tailored. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and input! As we continue to gather comments and make sure FedRAMP Tailored will work well for both agencies and CSPs, we are taking on additional efforts that we want to share with you.

This week, Ashley Mahan and I have been in San Francisco meeting with vendors and sharing more about how FedRAMP Tailored might apply to their services. Additionally, GitHub hosted us for the day, where we presented on Tailored to their partner network and to vendors in the Bay area. We are learning a lot about what types of low-risk use software providers would be a good fit for *Tailored.

When Ashley and I return from San Francisco, we will be holding a webinar on FedRAMP Tailored where we will provide an overview of the baseline, its intent, and how it fits within the larger FedRAMP program. We will also be able to answer any questions you have about the new baseline and next steps for this major upgrade to the program.

Finally, in an effort to actively engage with our agency and CSP partners and gather your comments on the Tailored baseline, the FedRAMP PMO is inviting agencies and vendors to a FedRAMP Tailored Comment-a-thon on April 18th! The FedRAMP Tailored Comment-a-thon is designed as a collaborative, enterprising, dynamic event to encourage ideation, networking, and feedback so that FedRAMP Tailored will meet and exceed your needs.

The Comment-a-thon will take place in downtown D.C., with a virtual option. During the event, attendees will have the opportunity to provide feedback on FedRAMP Tailored, participate in small group discussions with a facilitator, and hear from influencers in the cloud industry.

Your feedback and insights are crucial to the FedRAMP program’s success. We look forward to continuing our partnership and improving how we work together and keep the cloud secure.