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Focus on FedRAMP

FedRAMP's 2018 Goals

Happy New Year from the FedRAMP Program Management Office (PMO)! We could not be more excited for what 2018 has in store for the program. While 2017 was a banner year for rolling out new initiatives and ideas, we’ve dubbed 2018 “The Year of Refinement.”

2017 was brimming with new initiatives and transformation developed wholly on customer feedback - FedRAMP Connect, FedRAMP Tailored, the new Agency Authorization Playbook, and the new “In-Process Requirements” to name a few. This year, we’re focusing on building, maturing, and perfecting these transformative initiatives so they best serve our stakeholders and deliver on the promise of increased efficiency and transparency.

Our goals for this year fall into three main objectives for the FedRAMP PMO:

  1. Increasing the number of cloud services that our Agency partners can choose from;
  2. Transforming security authorizations; and
  3. Strengthening the FedRAMP community.

Sounds good, but what does this mean specifically? Here’s what we’re thinking so far:

More Cloud to Choose From

  • Increase Authorized Cloud Services
  • Increase Re-used Authorizations
  • Convert FedRAMP-Ready CSPs to the In-Process or Authorized stages

Transform Security Authorizations

  • Automate the Process: Convert FedRAMP templates to machine-readable format to help enable automation capabilities and interoperability among commonly used GRC tools
  • Integrate FedRAMP ConMon processes with the Continuous Diagnostics and Monitoring (CDM) program

Stronger FedRAMP Community

  • Connect the Community: Host a minimum of two Industry Days and two Agency Days
  • Enhance 3PAO Resources: Update 3PAO requirements in concert with A2LA to increase the focus on technical capabilities of 3PAO assessor teams and individuals
  • Promote Better Understanding: Provide Playbooks for all stakeholders; transform the primary FedRAMP website (; and host in-person and remote FedRAMP training sessions

We look forward partnering with you to achieve these goals as we continue refining the program. 2018 will be a big year for FedRAMP, and we can’t do it without your insights, feedback, and engagement.

Stay tuned for updates about our milestones and successes throughout the year.