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Now Available: SAP & SAR Training Modules!

The FedRAMP PMO is pleased to announce the addition of two new courses to the library of FedRAMP Online Training. The Security Assessment Plan (SAP) and Security Assessment Report (SAR) course modules are designed to help FedRAMP Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs) understand the how to write specific sections of these documents and the program’s reporting requirements.

Who should take these courses?

  • 3PAOs who are conducting assessments of cloud systems

  • CSPs who are going through a FedRAMP authorization

The PMO recommends that anyone interested in submitting an authorization package, or anyone currently going through an authorization, to take all of the FedRAMP training courses to better understand the process and reporting requirements. All FedRAMP training courses are free, available on-demand, and are online through Blackboard.

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