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Now Available: Review and Process Training Module

FedRAMP’s “Review and Approve (R&A) Process” training module is now available on Blackboard. This training is designed to help FedRAMP Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and agency applicants understand the process to achieve FedRAMP compliance.

Students will learn:

  • The roles and responsibilities of CSPs, FedRAMP PMO, and Authorizing Officials

  • The designations given to authorization packages throughout the R&A process

  • How the FedRAMP PMO conducts Initial and Detailed Reviews of an authorization package

  • The actions an applicant must take to properly prepare and apply for a FedRAMP authorization

  • The criteria used to approve an authorization package

Like the introductory course, the R&A process training is not mandatory. However, the FedRAMP PMO recommends all CSPs to take this course before submitting an application or writing a System Security Plan (SSP). All FedRAMP training courses are available on-demand and online through Blackboard.

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