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Supporting a FedRAMP Tailored Authorization

The FedRAMP Tailored Baseline for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) with Low-Impact Software-as-a-Service (LI-SaaS) Systems was developed to support industry solutions that are deemed as low risk by the Agencies who are using these services. FedRAMP Tailored:

  • Creates a faster, streamlined process for systems that are low risk for use such as collaboration tools, project management applications, and tools that help develop open-source code
  • Supports government Authorizing Officials’ (AO) need for a standardized approach to determining the risks associated low-impact cloud applications
  • Incorporates industry input in order to provide the government with the agility to leverage valuable industry services while maintaining appropriate security levels

More information on FedRAMP Tailored can also be found on the FedRAMP Tailored webpage as well as within the documents, templates, and blogs listed below.

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