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Meet the Team

Claudio Belloli

Claudio Belloli

FedRAMP Program Manager for Cybersecurity

Claudio Belloli joined the FedRAMP team in 2014 as the Program Manager for Cybersecurity. In his role, Claudio oversees all of the Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) going to the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB) for provisional authorizations. He manages the PMO’s security team and serves as the primary liaison to the JAB CIO’s Technical Representatives and their review teams. Claudio is responsible for ensuring authorization packages meet the rigorous reviews set forward by the JAB and that vendors with JAB provisional authorizations continue to maintain their authorizations through FedRAMP’s Continuous Monitoring program.

Claudio previously worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, where he served as the lead cloud security and FedRAMP advisor to the Department of Defense’s (DOD) CIO. He was an original member of the DOD JAB technical review team for the first FedRAMP provisional ATOs in 2012. He continues to bring his cybersecurity and cloud expertise to FedRAMP as the program expands the number of CSPs authorized through the JAB.