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Meet the Team

Jay Huie

Jay Huie

White House Leadership Development Program

Jay Huie has spent over 15 years guiding the evolution and adoption of technology within federal and enterprise environments. His expertise includes bringing a multi-discipline approach to help Agencies achieve their missions. He currently serves as the Director for the White House Leadership Development Program. Prior to this, he served as the director for the GSA Technology Transformation Service (TTS) Secure Cloud Portfolio, which includes the FedRAMP program. The mission of the Secure Cloud Portfolio is to accelerate cloud adoption, build connections between government and industry, as well as build partnerships between the two in service of ensuring Agencies are more effectively able to achieve their missions. Most recently, Jay was tasked to lead GSA’s Cloud Adoption Center of Excellence supporting the White House Office of American Innovation. In this role, he will build specific capabilities to assist efforts by Federal Agencies to leverage modern technology and cloud services.

Jay has had experience as a developer, system administrator, policy wonk, architect, and technology executive. He previously worked at 18F where he enjoyed “balancing traditional and the modern techniques for realizing the results we all hope to have for our nation.” Prior to GSA, Jay was a Chief Technology Officer, working with Agencies such as the Federal Reserve Board, Department of Energy, and Department of State to establish and manage initiatives including data management services, cloud computing infrastructure, and strategic governance through the practical application of enterprise architecture and capital planning and management activities.

“I have always felt the desire to integrate capabilities across Government, and promote a collaborative approach to our collective mission to provide services and opportunities for the public,” Jay said. “I am driven by a desire for ‘infinite ROI’ where one Agency problem can be solved by another Agency’s existing program - if only the dots are connected and the bridges built.”