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Meet the Team

Zach Baldwin

Zach Baldwin

Program Manager for Strategy, Innovation, and Technology

Zach Baldwin is a seasoned General Services Administration (GSA) employee with over 15 years of experience supporting the Federal Telecommunications Service (FTS), Public Building Service (PBS), Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies (OCSIT), Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), and Technology Transformation Services (TTS). Within OCSIT, Zach led the Federal Data Center Consolidation to help create the first government-wide cloud contract and supported Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program’s (FedRAMP) inception.

Prior to joining the FedRAMP team, Zach served as a project manager, leading GSA’s partnership with the National GeoSpatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) to make it easier for government agencies to purchase satellite imagery and services.

Zach currently supports several FedRAMP initiatives, including promoting authorization reuse, leveraging automation to streamline the authorization process, and exploring the development of a modular, agile approach to authorizations. When he’s not working, you can find Zach helping his wife run her vintage rental business or running around after their two kids, Hank and June.

Zach graduated from Penn State with a B.A. in Marketing and International Business.