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Update to FedRAMP Templates

June 22 | 2016

Update to FedRAMP Templates

On Monday, June 27th FedRAMP will be releasing updates to our templates to add some “ease of use” features as well as ensure all of the templates reflect the different authorization levels (low, moderate, high) that CSPs can pursue through FedRAMP.

The updates to our templates include the following “ease-of-use” features:

  • FedRAMP SSP Template – include text fields that allow the user to enter frequently repeated text (CSP  Name, Information System Name, etc.) once and automatically inserted everywhere it is used throughout the document
  • Tables, except for Control Summary Information tables – include prompted data fields, choice menus, and drop-down date pickers
  • Figures – include insert fields that make it easier to insert figures

All of the templates that will be updated include:

  • System Security Plan (SSP)
  • E-Authentication Worksheet
  • Privacy Threshold Analysis and Privacy Impact Assessment (PTA & PIA)
  • Rules of Behavior (RoB)
  • IT Contingency Plan
  • Control Implementation Summary (CIS) Report
  • Control Implementation Summary (CIS) Worksheet
  • FIPS 199 Categorization
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Inventory Workbook

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