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FedRAMP Launches YouTube Channel

March 24 | 2021

FedRAMP Launches YouTube Channel

The FedRAMP PMO recently launched the FedRAMP YouTube channel as a one-stop source for quick, simple, informative videos on FedRAMP tutorials, and program updates. The channel provides another medium for stakeholders to understand FedRAMP and the authorization process in addition to making information more accessible to all stakeholders.

A key feature of the channel are our new short FedRAMP videos that highlight an overview of the program, legal policy and framework, the authorization process, and the FedRAMP Marketplace.

Check out the first video, A FedRAMP Overview - Introduction:

You can view other videos on the FedRAMP Overview Playlist in addition to videos specific to other topics, ranging from updated 3PAO requirements, OSCAL updates, and FedRAMP’s transition plan to NIST’s Rev5. Most recently we produced a video highlighting the new

In 2021, we will continue to post new videos on a regular basis that are timely and relevant to FedRAMP. If you have any suggestions for video topics, please reach out to

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