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FedRAMP Launches Ideation Challenge

July 24 | 2019

FedRAMP Launches Ideation Challenge

Do you have bold, innovative, and actionable ideas that can help transform the way agencies secure federal data while keeping in pace with modernization efforts?

The FedRAMP PMO is excited to announce the launch of The FedRAMP Ideation Challenge. We’re calling on all members of the cybersecurity community - Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Agencies, Third Party Assessors (3PAOs), and others - to contribute ideas for a new approach to risk assessments and security authorizations for cloud products and services. We deeply value feedback and input, understanding that this is vital in order to grow and reach the next level of improved customer experience and program success.

We want to ensure FedRAMP continuously explores initiatives in support of a modern, efficient, and effective authorization process in an effort to reduce time and cost, without compromising cybersecurity rigor. We invite participants to share their best thinking on the next phase of FedRAMP.

You’ll find more information about The FedRAMP Ideation Challenge, including an overview, background, submission details, and more on our new FedRAMP Ideation Challenge page.

Thank you for your insights, partnership, and commitment to taking FedRAMP to the next level!

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