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FedRAMP Releases Updated Agency Authorization Playbook

October 20 | 2021

FedRAMP Releases Updated Agency Authorization Playbook

FedRAMP recently released the updated Agency Authorization Playbook to better reflect how the initial agency authorization process has evolved. This document is a compilation of best practices, tips, and step-by-step guidance for agencies seeking to conduct initial FedRAMP Authorizations or reuse FedRAMP Authorized Cloud Service Offerings (CSOs).

While the Agency Authorization Playbook is written to inform federal agencies approaching the FedRAMP Authorization process, the information is helpful to all FedRAMP stakeholders.

Updates included information on the following:

  • Leveraging the FedRAMP Marketplace
  • Understanding the FedRAMP reuse process
  • The FedRAMP Agency Liaison program
  • The FedRAMP PMO’s package review process for Agency Authorizations
  • Additional information on Collaborative Continuous Monitoring

If you have any questions as you read through the updated playbook, please reach out to

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