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PMO Releases Subnetting White Paper

July 19 | 2022

PMO Releases Subnetting White Paper

NIST control SC-7 for Boundary Protection relies in large part on subnetworks (subnets), specifically subnet segmentation around “publicly accessible” components. This white paper, entitled “Subnets White Paper”, provides guidance on how NIST control SC-7 will be evaluated in documentation submitted for a FedRAMP authorization. Cloud Service Providers and Third Party Assessment Organizations can reference this white paper when developing documentation and for information on following topics:

  1. What are subnets and how should they be segmented,
  2. What constitutes “publicly accessible”, and
  3. FedRAMPs upcoming process to develop future guidance when applying this control to software defined networks.

For more information, read the full Subnetting white paper on

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