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FedRAMP Updates CSP SSP (200A) Training

August 24 | 2021

FedRAMP Updates CSP SSP (200A) Training

FedRAMP recently revised training materials for the System Security Plan (SSP) Required Documentation training (200A Course). This training is designed to give Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) an understanding of security package development requirements and an overview of the required templates and supporting documentation necessary when creating a SSP.

This training was revised as part of FedRAMP’s role to establish a training program in the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity. FedRAMP is enhancing the training program to ensure stakeholders are effectively trained and equipped to manage FedRAMP requests, and provide improved access to training materials, including videos on demand.

Course Description:

This course provides CSPs with a deeper understanding of the detail and rigor required to complete the SSP. The SSP is the main document of a security package in which a CSP describes all of the security controls in use on the information system and their implementation. This course will familiarize CSPs with the required documentation for initial package submission and give a detailed overview of FedRAMP’s SSP template and its supporting documents.

For more training materials and information visit the FedRAMP Training page and the FedRAMP YouTube Channel.

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