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FedRAMP Marketplace Upgrade

June 20 | 2023

FedRAMP Marketplace Upgrade

A new and improved FedRAMP Marketplace is here! The FedRAMP Marketplace provides a searchable and sortable database of Cloud Service Offerings (CSOs) that have achieved a FedRAMP designation, a list of federal agencies using FedRAMP Authorized CSOs, and FedRAMP recognized Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs) that can perform a FedRAMP assessment. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and agencies are encouraged to use it as a resource to:

  • Research cloud services that have achieved a FedRAMP Marketplace designation
  • Research agencies partnering with CSPs for a FedRAMP Authorization, or identify agencies that are using FedRAMP Authorized CSOs
  • Review FedRAMP’s community of recognized 3PAOs
  • Identify security package documentation for reuse

The Marketplace provides transparency to the public and federal agencies on which cloud products have a FedRAMP designation.

The new and improved Marketplace will enable all stakeholders to easily locate the cloud service information they need. Key new features of the Marketplace include the ability to:

  • Find information easier due to the simplified design and removal of the default comparison layout
  • Visualize where CSOs are in the FedRAMP authorization process
  • Accurately distinguish between authorization (ATOs) and reuse numbers
  • Identify clear separation of parent and sub agency information
  • Search by FedRAMP ID number, provider, and service offering
  • Add additional information about CSOs (business categories, UEI numbers, etc.)
  • Provide definitions for key terms throughout the site
  • Search CSPs by business categories
  • Improve overall load time

We were thoughtful in our design choices, before upgrading the Marketplace, the FedRAMP program management office (PMO) focused on the user. We engaged with the Marketplace user community through a series of feedback sessions to identify improvements that would benefit users. The PMO analyzed the data, along with additional capabilities requested over the last several years, and prioritized the features for development. From there, we created a mock-up site and gathered additional feedback from users to ensure it met their needs before continuing with development.

Using human-centered design and accessibility best practices as part of the development lifecycle we hope to provide a more efficient and flexible workflow for users, transparency around information, and an overall improved user experience. We will continue to iterate and update the Marketplace over the coming year as we gather feedback from our users and iterate on best practices. If you have feedback about the Marketplace, please let us know at

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