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Meet FedRAMP's Customer Success Manager

May 8 | 2019

Meet FedRAMP's Customer Success Manager

The FedRAMP PMO wants to give our readers a glimpse into the human side of the FedRAMP program by introducing all the members of the FedRAMP PMO leadership team. We’re diving into their backgrounds, goals & aspirations, daily operations, and hobbies outside of work.

First, meet Ryan Hoesing, our FedRAMP Customer Success Manager. We sat down with Ryan to learn about what brought him into the field of technology and what is top of mind as he works to improve and ensure customer success with all FedRAMP customers.

What is top of mind for you for FedRAMP’s Customer Success Lane?

The FedRAMP PMO has a tailored approach to how we engage with our community by using multiple communication channels such as our blog, social media, listserv, website, in-person training, one-on-one meetings, and many more. Our messaging is also personalized based on our audience, purpose, and intended goals or outcomes of the engagement. Your success is our success with the goal of protecting federal information within cloud technologies.

What does your day to day look like?

Nearly everyday, I am connecting with stakeholders either on the phone or in person to ensure that they have what they need to navigate the FedRAMP process. Some days are filled with customer calls with Federal Agencies and CSPs. Other days, I’m visiting individual agencies to provide in-person training and an overview of the FedRAMP Program. I leave time each week to strategize at a high level about priorities and goals for the given week and month ahead. I am lucky to work with such bright and motivated colleagues who I can I lean on for support and bounce ideas off of.

In your opinion, how can we best meet our customer’s needs?

By offering more touch points throughout the various phases of the FedRAMP process we ensure that all stakeholders are aligned and working together. Frequent communication that encourages open dialogue and transparency among stakeholders is essential to a successful authorization. This includes authorization kick offs, assessment debriefs, and regularly scheduled status call that help Cloud Service Providers know what to expect in each phase of pursuing a FedRAMP Authorization.

Where can we find you when you’re not working?

In June, I’ll complete my Masters in Cybersecurity Policy and Management. This means that I’ll be wrapping up a couple of years of long hours at the library and countless hours of research. As much as I have enjoyed digging into school work on my weekends, I am looking forward to have more time with my one year old, Ollie. When I am not chasing the little guy around the house we are in the yard. It’s there where I discovered that I have a green thumb, and I find the time I spend in the yard to be soothing a great way to reset before the busy week ahead.

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