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Focus on FedRAMP

Using the FedRAMP OSCAL Resources and Templates

The FedRAMP PMO, in collaboration with NIST, is working to digitize the authorization package through the development of a common machine-readable language, also known as the Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL). With OSCAL, activities associated with preparing, authorizing, and reusing cloud products and services will require less time and resources. As a result of a machine-readable authorization package, we...

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Do Once, Use Many - How Agencies Can Reuse a FedRAMP Authorization

One of FedRAMP’s core value propositions is facilitating government-wide reuse of security packages for Cloud Service Offerings (CSOs). Today, over 180 cloud products are FedRAMP Authorized and are available on the FedRAMP Marketplace for government-wide reuse. Collectively, these products have been reused over 1,500 times. To make this possible, FedRAMP eliminates duplicative efforts by providing a common security framework. Agencies...

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JAB Prioritized CSPs and FedRAMP Connect Updates

The following Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have been selected to work with the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) for a Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) from our latest round of FedRAMP Connect: Okta - Identity as a Service (IDaaS) Splunk Sumo Logic These vendors were selected in accordance with our JAB Prioritization Guidance and Criteria document to work with the JAB...

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FedRAMP Lessons Learned for Small Businesses

The FedRAMP PMO is committed to helping small businesses and startups navigate the FedRAMP authorization process and we want to highlight an important resource for small businesses on our website - Seven Lessons Learned for Small Businesses and Startups. The FedRAMP PMO conducted interviews with various companies that have obtained or are working to obtain a FedRAMP authorization. The goal...

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FedRAMP Looks Back on a Successful FY2019

Fiscal Year 2019 was a year of achievement and progress for FedRAMP. Thank you for your collaboration over the past year. We look forward to 2020 as we streamline, simplify, and stay committed to continuous improvement.

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